Teaching English in the Biology Lab

Image of an old biology slide of an insect wing.Sea life charts are props for Melville, the mounted cat a visual aid for Poe. Leaves are displayed like a nod to Thoreau.

Biology is frogs dissected, worms halved and pinned, the lesson of finding life in mouth scrapings. Those sophomores are looking at the muscles of pigs with awe. They are learning the networks of nerves where pleasure and pain begin.

When the first new reckless driver dies, the fetuses swim in jars as if they might still be born. The skull atop the desk waits as if I can throw my voice, as if it’s about to speak.



Gary Fincke‘s new collection of flash is The Corridors of Longing (Pelekinesis, 2022). He is co-editor of the annual anthology Best Microfiction.

Photo Credit: Robbie Sproule

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