That’s Not Love?

thats not loveIt was movie night, and the old Jewish milkman was asking his wife if she loved him after all those years. With singing, of course. My wife grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard. When the song ended she turned and looked at me like, hey, we’re like that too, aren’t we? I smiled weakly. No sex again that night, just toddler time. Then at two I was jolted awake. The shouting came from a neighbor’s apartment, all ragged and tender. “God damn it, you fucking bitch—I love you!” Well, maybe that’s it. Christ, who the hell knows.


Jon Sindell is a humanities tutor. His short fiction has appeared in several dozen publications including Hobart, Pithead Chapel, Word Riot, Zouch, New South, Prick Of The Spindle, Crack The Spine, Switchback, Weave, and Beatdom. He curates the Rolling Writers reading series in San Francisco and practiced law once.

Photo credit: byronv2

3 Responses to “That’s Not Love?”

  1. Sue says:

    Tough. Poignant. If you’re at all ethnic, it speaks honestly!

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