The Audition

Waves and thunderous storms entered into tag team competition with my nervous stomach and tequila hangover, or so I’ve been told. Never been much for the fruits of the nectar. Years of perfecting my craft with a boat-load of patience has finally paid off. Broadway audition! My only focus is on excellence for this performance. Costume is a futuristic runway “must have.” Enjoying the innovative sounds of the band, I pause for the curtains to part ways. The moment arrives. Performance was brilliant with a standing ovation. Graceful bow then “snap.” Rope slipped, headlines read, “Death of a Promising Actor.”

Shelly Eady’s life experiences, diligence, and dedication provided knowledge, understanding, and the courage to move to the next phase. Her heart’s desire is to share in the art of the written word to encourage and inspire as a published author. 


Photo Credit: Jonathan Graves

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  1. Lucie says:

    Such mystery..left me wanting to read more. I love it.

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