The Main Attraction

main-attraction-cropThe bluebird wore yellow rain boots and carried a red umbrella. In the old days, you could find him on the roof of the goat barn dancing a jig and wearing a thimble for a hat. Once, my brother and I spied him on the steering wheel of a ‘49 Ford tractor singing an aria from Purcell’s “The Fairy-Queen.” When he discovered our inquisitive eyes, he smiled and blushed at the same time. We dreamed we’d sell tickets and astonish our friends but never made one crinkled dollar once the farm cat spun him into a whirl of blue feathers.



Charles Wilson is a writer from Virginia Beach. He has had poetry published in The Blue Hour magazine, The Commonwealth of Poetry, and has won two annual Poetry Society of Virginia prizes.

Photo Credit: A. Biwamati

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  1. ruth deming says:

    Quite imaginative, Charles!!!

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