The State of Things

When the conversation turns from her mother’s health—new medications, new side effects, same ailments—to Carol’s love life, there is a pause. She audibly sighs into the receiver, pinches the meat between her eyes. Even though it will break her mother worse than the osteoporosis that is crippling her bones, Carol will try to explain the state of things. Somehow, it has reached the point where the most enjoyable aspect about going to a bar, and meeting a guy, and going home with him, is that when she finally gets back to her apartment, her bed is already made.

Joe Dornich is a writer who lives and sometimes works in Lubbock, Tex. In addition to writing, Joe is also taking a mail-order course in veterinary medicine. His mailbox is often filled with sick kittens. He lives alone.

Photo Credit: Red Giraffe

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