The Thought That Counts

An image of a dying rose.She sent him two dozen long-stemmed red roses for Valentine’s Day. Why? He was a guy. He didn’t own a vase. He stuck them in a bucket and forgot about them until a week later when she said, “Guess what, tomorrow is my birthday.” Oh god. Now what. A gift? He didn’t shop. He could leave a twenty on her dresser, but women seemed to take that the wrong way. Luckily, he remembered the roses. He pulled them out of the bucket and shook them off. Not bad. Not great. A little droopy. She’d be glad to get them back.

Molly Giles’ memoir, Life Span, based on her life as a writer in the Bay Area, just came out in 2024. She is a widely celebrated flash fiction author, and 100 Word Story has been fortunate to publish several of her amazing tiny stories.

Photo Credit: Beret Olsen

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  1. Lauren D. says:

    I really like this one. It is clever, insightful, and entertaining. Bob and Betty was a great story too. You make turbulent relationships a good read.

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