The Twin

Black and white photograph of a girl asleep, her hair on the pillow.At the hospital, I’m the bad news. My sister, however, lives.

She grows, laughs, and bleeds. Wears clothes and removes them. Scribbles in a journal. Prays.

In her bedroom mirror, I watch her practice conversations, pinch her belly fat, learn to braid her hair. Over, under, in between.

I learn with her.

When she sleeps, I mime her movements, promenade around her bedroom like anything—her clothing, memories, parents—is mine.

Tonight, she stirs and rolls over. Her hair, draped against her pillow, looks like flowing water.

Just once, to touch something real.

Over, under, in between, I recite, reaching…

Sam Baldassari received her MFA in fiction writing from Brooklyn College. Her work appears in Flash Fiction Magazine, Eunoia Review, NYC Midnight, and elsewhere.

Photo Credit: Roberto Trombetta

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  1. Elijah Johnson says:

    Great story!

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