The Wedding Night

Wedding NightHer knee slammed into the night table as she struggled to sit up. Outside, fog horns 
bellowed like beasts in search of their mates, while her bare foot brushed against the empty 
bottle of Jose Cuervo that had transported her from her own.

Her gaze fell upon the discarded heap of white satin. A swell of panic encased her in its 
grip: The pounding of the church organ, the suffocating scent of a thousand gardenias, the eyes—so many eyes—bearing down upon her every step.

From behind, she felt him stir, his arm slowly encircle her—like a noose.


Jayne Martin’s work has appeared in Boston Literary Magazine, Midwestern Gothic, Blink Ink, Literary Orphans, Flash Frontier, F(r)iction, Sick Lit, and Hippocampus, among others.  She is the author of Suitable for Giving: A Collection of Wit with a Side of Wry.  Find her on Twitter @Jayne_Martin.

Photo credit: swirlingthoughts

10 Responses to “The Wedding Night”

  1. Raye Anne Nelson says:

    What inspired you to write this piece?

  2. @Newzcook says:

    Wow – the images and the story-after-the-story they illicit — perfect and tragic.

  3. Such a powerful feeling with so few words.

  4. This is brilliant, Jayne! It’s everything flash fiction needs to be. Bravo!

  5. Jonathan Cardew says:

    A powerful moment captured. Sublime stuff, Jayne!

  6. Paul Beckman says:

    Jayne-you knocked another out of the park. Congrats.

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