The week our landlord kicks us out

Close up of the face of a chicken.No rescue anywhere so we huddle around a fire under the railway bridge. Bennie says he knows where to score free chicken and he scrolls the Poultry Rehoming page. Jeez, there’s more than chickens going, there’s fat geese, there’s ducks, there’s swans. All needing “forever” homes. We laugh at Clyde the rooster. The owner’s kid has fixed a party hat to his head, aw cute, and the post says this pet is NOT for the pot. We stare at Clyde, strutting around … us feeling a certain kind of hunger and “forever” we whisper, who doesn’t need a forever home?




Frankie McMillan is a poet and short fiction writer from Aotearoa New Zealand. She keeps bantams down her backyard.

Photo Credit: Angus

3 Responses to “The week our landlord kicks us out”

  1. trxie says:

    ooh nice! impressed

  2. detour says:

    should I have smiled at this story -I laffed actually – that is more than a smile – the situation is dire – sort of – and yet you give us a duo still thinking on their feet – survivors – someone will survive – Bennie will survive – maybe not Clyde though

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