Things You Can Take

Close-up of salt on the rim of a margarita; lime.A name. A message. Nobody’s shit. A hike. A hit. A beating.

Notes. A page from their book. Criticism.

A walk on the wild side. Ice with your drink. Salt with your margarita. A sip. Directions. Risks. A joy ride. The red pill. The car into the shop.

What you can get. The money and run. The long way home. The trash out.

A seat. Time off. An oath. Turns. The rap for it. It all in.

A break. Everything for granted. A moment to think about it. A different route. It all back. A life. Your life. A joke.

Corey Miller’s writing has appeared in MoonPark Review, Pithead Chapel, Barren, Cleaver, Lost Balloon, Hobart, and elsewhere. Follow him @IronBrewer or at

Photo Credit: Sheri Hall

5 Responses to “Things You Can Take”

  1. Arthur says:

    the mood is just so exhilarating, I felt like I have just read a whole novel. Splendid old chap!

  2. Paul Beckman says:

    Great writing, Corey.

  3. Kirsten Love says:

    I keep rereading this, I love it so much!

  4. Nancy says:

    I love this piece. It is brilliant and thought provoking.

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