Image of a face submerged in water, with light and bubbles.There’s a split second, after the ignition catches and the radio blasts out a loud loud song from high school, when time strikes—and you are effervescence, 17 again, drinking beer on a hot hot afternoon, barefoot friends and open tailgates ringing the swimming hole, heedless of potential or circumstance, you are fresh fresh, diving headfirst against the current, bubbles swirling up, you break the surface and you gasp, you gasp when you slip back into yourself, your stale-soda self, careworn and aware, fingers caught between the volume and the power button, your years pounding past, quick as teenage heartbeats.



Myna Chang’s work has been selected for Flash Fiction America (W.W. Norton), Best Small Fictions, and CRAFT. Find her at MynaChang.com.

Photo Credit: Aimanness Photography

3 Responses to “Timestruck”

  1. Denise Bayes says:

    So evocative, Myna. We have all heard that song on the radio and timeslipped into youth. Love your repetition.

  2. Lorraine Rose says:

    I’m back in that swimming hole as if it happened yesterday….the work returned me to those turbulent, fragile adolescent years!

  3. K F Lerner says:

    Love “stale-soda self”

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