To My Sister

When I was three I thought we were twins: Every church-going woman over the age of 40 told us so, Mom dressed us identically, we were almost the same height if I stood on the Yellow Pages, and I really really wanted a twin because I thought we’d be good at it. That if we practiced enough we could synchronize, harmonize our words, our replies, and then fasten action and reaction to shared thoughts: create one faction. I didn’t know there was much difference between a sister and a twin, a twin and a mirror, until I lost sight of you.


Mia Cravelle is a CU Boulder college student, a runner, and a writer. When she’s not studying integrative physiology or destroying her knees, she can be found drafting poetry in the coffee-stained margins of her notebooks.

Photo credit: Mary Mac Dahike

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  1. shanaz says:

    this is one of a kind story.

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