Walking Alone

Cynthia had loved hiking in the Sierras.  Now, seven years after premature Alzheimer’s had taken control of her husband’s life, walking among the pines was limited to a once-a-year treat, and a short one at that.

This day Cynthia led Lloyd to a precipitous mountain trail.  As her husband disappeared around a bend, Cynthia tried to remember what life had been like before Lloyd was a constant combination of anger and confusion.

She couldn’t see Lloyd.  Still, she lingered.  When she didn’t hear anything, she suddenly needed him.  Around the bend, there was Lloyd making faces at a chipmunk.


Mark Bacon has an MA from UNLV and has published three books, one that was printed in three editions and translated into five languages. Most recently he was a stringer for the San Francisco Chronicle. He’s had flash fiction published in Stymie and Flashshot.

Photo credit: Dave

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