She pulled sweats onto her hot-tub melted limbs as the ferret-faced woman bustled into the changing rooms; she swirled cream onto her face as the woman asked if she’d had a good workout; she stretched into her fleece as the woman asked what she did; she tucked her stuff into her satchel as the woman asked what she wrote; she checked she had all her bits and bobs as the woman asked her name; she walked towards the exit as the woman shouted after her, That’s a good writer’s name, limbs now as stiff and stumpy as a tin soldier’s.

Sandra Jensen’s work has been published in Word Riot, Sou’Wester, AGNI, and others. She is working on her first novel, which won the 2011 J.G. Farrell award for best novel-in-progress.

Photo credit: Erika Burford

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