You play as a femme venom avatar & we never get past the character creation page

Image of hands holding a video controller.We’re mashing up faces in the RPG campaign on your game system, two boys sitting, joysticking experience points in a multifaceted digitizer, sliding nose up a little higher, mouth a little wider, crunching corn chips, your crooked incisor hooked on your lip, pointing, Make the eyelashes into insect limbs, crafting mascara into gorgeous wolf spiders, your palms rubbing pockets, king coaching king to weave silken wings on pixelated pore-less skin, we’re not wearing makeup, but soon, you’ll shed electronic cocoon, game system cool, I’ll grip eyeliner in analog fingertips, and you’ll whisper soft, Toggle me, please, into a spider woman.

Erin Vachon is a queer, non-binary writer living with disabilities in Rhode Island. You can read their work at or on Twitter @erinjvachon.

Photo Credit: Lyncconf Games

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