Your Hair Looks Like Taillights

Photo of taillight trails on a dark highway.You talk to your mother in Spanish, your sister in English, and then in numbers to order Chinese take-out. And you love to talk, especially about how you grew up in a one-room walk-up. So proud of your history, of how you earned everything on your own, all your success. I can see your face change when you start the story, the flow of it, like water over rocks. When I did meet your mother, it was in her final days. My question, “Why today, why now?” Your reply was tailored like a suit, “Because she wouldn’t remember you.”


Lexi Butler is a writer and television producer living outside of Boston. Her short stories have appeared in Brilliant Flash Fiction, Potato Soup Journal, The Loch Raven Review, Press Pause Press Anthology, and Tipping the Scales Literary Journal. She has an MA from Emerson College in Media and Visual Arts. Twitter @thelexibutler.


Photo Credit: Iain Cuthbertson

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