Youth in Orbit

Aaron Peel's RocketWe wanted to be the first children in space, but by the time we finished building our rocket, we were very old and our hearts weren’t in it anymore. We launched ourselves anyway, and our children’s children’s children were there to see us off.

Our children’s children’s children wanted to come, but our children’s children thought it might not be safe, and anyway, we thought, why should they get to be the first children in space? Build your own damned rocket.

We listened while our children and our children’s children and our children’s children’s children counted backward in the yard.


Aaron Teel is the author of the novella Shampoo Horns, anthologized in My Very End of the Universe, Five Novellas-in-Flash. He teaches fiction writing at Washington University in Saint Louis.

Photo credit: Amanda Raney

2 Responses to “Youth in Orbit”

  1. Jon Remington says:

    different, and original

  2. Clear for take off. “O.K Ready for take off.” Ground control we are ready for take off. It is clear for take off. Starting engines. Commander we are ready for take off. ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three , two, one, zero. Taking off. Ok commander era fixed and you are ready to go. Ok taking off. Great see you when you get back. Yah, that would be great. Good Luck.

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