Photo Story: Everything to Me

Andrea Daniels
The bristles of the broom were degrees of red and pink, accumulated over the years from the slow push towards the drain in the center of the room. An infinitesimal grade designed to lend gravity a hand.

The Thought That Counts

Molly Giles
She sent him two dozen long-stemmed red roses for Valentine’s Day. Why? He was a guy. He didn’t own a vase.


Gary Fincke
Sometimes, he has learned, the eyes of birds weigh more than their brains.

Photo Story: The Weatherman Gets It Wrong Again

Adam Conner
He is needed at the station because of the impending snowstorm and his wife just rolls her eyes again.

After the Shooting

Andrea Marcusa
I leave the hospital, happy to be rid of the dying, past imposing grey buildings with institutional windows, neon blue, showing patient rooms and neglected, thirsty plants.

The Carnival Ride Isn’t Over

By Kristin Tenor
It’s late. We sprawl on the back porch with a couple beers, while you reminisce about that time you and an Army buddy drove his cousin’s Duster straight through the night all the way to Coney Island ...

Tell Me a Story

By Dustin Hodge
Mom drove a faded blue AMC Pacer. The fabric seats were torn, and all the vinyl had huge cracks from the Texas heat.

Der Sachsenspiegel

By Danielle Lenhard
In "Images of Rape," Diane Wolfthal describes a 13th-century practice for litigating rape. If a woman is raped in her home, who goes on trial? The person who raped her? No.

Circadian Rhythms

By Dominique Zino
They selected me because I was an experienced spelunker, placing electrodes on my temples, cheek bones, and chest to monitor my vitals underground, tracking my time waking and sleeping.


By Chuck Augello
And the vandals spray-painted the clouds with gang symbols. No, they were corporate logos, familiar brands, the symbolic faces of aggregated capital leering from the sky ...

Photo Story: Root Systems

By Dominique Zino
The afternoon before, we’d hiked. The path was mostly paved. Still, the trip was an escape from their children.


By Meg Pokrass
For the past few years their sheets remained straight when he tried to court her. When did you get that perfume? he’d say but she wasn't wearing any or maybe she was and he didn't know it.