A Catholic Church

Jesus_A Catholic ChurchThe sign outside proclaimed:

God Forgives.
Kowalski and Sons Towing does not.

Father Timothy would’ve smiled.

He once warned that hell had a room with my name on it after I accidentally scratched his gold Cadillac while carrying the plastic baby Jesus statue to the nativity scene.

I asked if my room would be close to his. He loathed me, and I avoided him like meat on Fridays. Poor Timothy. He died at an after-mass mixer; keeled over mid-sentence into the sugar cookies and lemonade.

His nephew got the Cadillac. Stuck on a colorful, “Pro-Choice” bumper sticker.

Royce Jeffrey is a 4th-grade English teacher who loves to write about the human condition as it appears in various occupations and trials of our lives. He has written for online publications including the Washington Post and Bleacher Report.

Photo credit: Steven Depolo

5 Responses to “A Catholic Church”

  1. Pearce says:

    A brilliant nt and compact tale of sin and redemption. We just loved it.

  2. Tony Press says:

    This is a fine story. I enjoyed every bit of it.

  3. Ed says:

    Really liked the “twists”.

  4. Iona says:

    Love it. Thanks so much

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