A Particular Kind of Ruin

An image of a charred surface.After the fire, I walk among the ruins, shudder away from the creaking beams, and I think of your body whole and unscarred. Though you were always in pain, an x-ray of your bones tacked onto the refrigerator revealed a clavicle and femur highlighted in blood red, the places you yearned to excise from your body. Alive, you dreamed of a bath that would erase the salted
wounds and bring yourself back into the land of the able, and here I stand, woozy on what’s left of the back porch, punching at my goddamn bones, knowing they refuse to crumble.






Tommy Dean is the author of two flash fiction chapbooks and a full flash collection, Hollows. He lives in Indiana, where he is the Editor of Fractured Lit and Uncharted Magazine. A recipient of the 2019 Lascaux Prize in Short Fiction, his writing can be found in Best Microfiction, Best Small Fictions, Laurel Review, and elsewhere. Find him at tommydeanwriter.com and on Twitter @TommyDeanWriter.

Photo Credit: Kenzie

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