An Addition to the Family

They smell the same, your woman and child, drenched in the sweet of milk and the salt of sweat. They look the same, curled into each other like a snail and its shell, on the shifting sands of the queen-sized bed. They breathe the same, their chests rising and falling, attuned to a single tide. They had seemed for a day, a moment, to be two, but really, they were always one. And you, adrift in the moon lit white, with no blanket, no pillow, only the weight of wondering, now, if it is you who is the plus one.


Lavanya Vasudevan was born in Chennai, India, and lives near beautiful Seattle, enjoying writing children’s fiction, speculative fiction, and flash.

Photo Credit: Jesse van Kalmthout

8 Responses to “An Addition to the Family”

  1. Glen Green says:

    Though I do not know it, I hear your voice speaking this.

  2. Elisa Delaney says:

    I am in awe of your craft – of the imagery, emotion and magnificence of your hundred words.

  3. Christine Duncan says:


  4. Eric Wilson says:

    Beautiful story, magically elliptic, hovering above the delicate reality it depicts.

  5. Pavan Davuluri says:

    Love this story and the poignant image it creates for me.

  6. Jim Byrnes says:

    Perfection. Could not be any better.

  7. Carmen Z says:

    Wow. Just wow. So much meaning in such few words. I love it. I can picture it.

  8. Jon Remington says:


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