Back to the Water

2615256800_0ede9f93a3_bWater might save you from drowning. Ceaseless, impassive, water echoes what you know: sister so sick, no cure; brother drinks his own dead joy, niece takes it on the jaw. Dad just feeds his anger. You used to run until pain and wonder were the same. But running ran out and you took to the water with what you knew. Back stroke, side stroke, kick and churn, keep moving to stay afloat. Head down, stay inside the lines. Learn to breathe every other stroke, water burns the throat. Chop wood, carry water works but some days you must chop water.

Rhonda Houser enjoys life in middle America. She likes to make things by hand and believes in quiet, blue sky, laughter, dirt, and other real things.

Photo credit: Christian M. M. Brady


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  1. Jenny Wortman says:

    I love this.

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