Bubblegum Ransom

bubblegum ransom IIThe situation at the elementary school is dangerous. Childhood has taken Adolescence hostage, and they may not give in this time. The police have already recovered one body:  a science teacher, his mouth stuffed with proven truths, duct taped shut. The hoodlums will give up their guns and cell phones for picture books and dress-up clothes. They want to talk to Santa and the Tooth Fairy. They want bedtime stories and lollipops. They are tired of knowing everything, being everything. “We want miracles,” they say. “We want to go back.” They say they want to believe in the smallest heaven.


Dave Donovan lives on Cape Cod with his wife and two daughters. He plans to write more often when his daughters are older and more independent.

Photo credit: Kate Williams



3 Responses to “Bubblegum Ransom”

  1. Lauren says:

    Breathtaking. I loved this.

  2. Anne Weyer says:

    This is perfect. How lovely.

  3. Amy Lyons says:

    Love this.

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