Building the Butternut

Photograph of a butternut squash, cut in half.It didn’t seem right, but we set the clocks and got the children up at midnight to go out and yell at the squash. A time-tested deterrent, it didn’t harm the vegetables, but the negative voice lodged in the prickly vine, alarming the squirrels like the sentry crows, who swooped down in a rage to chase them away. When we ran out of children we tried pre-recorded messages, but the squirrels severed the connection and dragged off the squash. Now, we summon our inner children, and the squash grows large. But we have to be quiet because of the neighbors.

Alisa Golden writes and makes art in a one-square-mile, California city. She is editor of Star 82 Review and author of Making Handmade Books.

Photo Credit: jo_and_ed

4 Responses to “Building the Butternut”

  1. detour says:

    fantastic title for this gem of a story

  2. Michael Salvagno says:

    Well here it is, 1/26/2021 and I’m reading your story. Actually read it a few times..and each time I could see more and more of the visuals. You had 2 kids that ran out with you. They were excited about the game, excitedly running outside in their pajamas. The garden patch was only a 10×10 but filled flush with growth. The yelling was very rushed and loud, but lasted no more than 20 seconds, the kids screaming then giggling and squealing like kids do.

    Have a great 2021

  3. Sandie Scott says:

    Haha, cute story

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