Career Day

Career DayMaybe Principal Warner did her best, but teachers, a janitor, and the lunch lady take up six of the gymnasium stations. Rachel’s aunt is a dog obedience instructor who sits behind Mom, who’s talking to J.D. about becoming a financial analyst. From Snyder Farms, Will, big arms folded over his Carhartts, is frowning at Lloyd, who wore his hair green for the occasion. We might have gotten more interviewers, if half of the students’ parents weren’t unemployed. “Who will you talk to?” I ask Rachel.“No one. I’m gonna be Amish when I grow up.”

“Can you do that?”


Melissa Ostrom lives in rural Western New York, where she teaches English at a community college and works as a curriculum consultant.
Photo credit: David Jones

5 Responses to “Career Day”

  1. Lino Zeidler says:

    We really enjoy what you write about here. I try and read your site every day so keep up the good posts!

  2. Bill Love says:

    Very colorful. Very well done. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. Dennis M Dutton says:

    Great story! Thank you.

  4. Don Bagley says:

    Rich with information, yet light in tone. A fine balance. I enjoyed it.

  5. Noelle Swanson says:

    Love this!

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