Photo Story: The Weatherman Gets It Wrong Again

Adam Conner
He is needed at the station because of the impending snowstorm and his wife just rolls her eyes again.

Photo Story: Root Systems

By Dominique Zino
The afternoon before, we’d hiked. The path was mostly paved. Still, the trip was an escape from their children.

Photo Story: The Errand

By Cheryl Snell
Before one sandal kicks off the other by the door; before the run across the busy street, cloth bags fluttering; before the break away from joggers prancing at the stop sign ...

Photo Story: My Father’s X-ray

By Francine Witte
Even with his memory gone, his teeth continue, and I take my father to the dentist because food must be chewed, and the father he was would never use a feeding tube.

Photo Stories: “Witness Statement” and “Ancestral Astronomy”

We had a rare situation occur with this photo prompt: a tie. So we decided to publish both fine stories.

Photo Story: Past Life

By Rachel Cain
Before erosion and time morphed it into a wonder worth gawking at, this was just a place.

Photo Story: Seasonal Monogamy

By Rachel Cain
At the park we watch the sunset turn muddled purple, like a bruise. He says, “Did you know ducks are only partners for a season?”

Photo Story: Declarations

By Erika Ng
Her voice is swallowed by the sound of a dozen languages cutting across your ears. You ask her to repeat the question and she says, more annoyed this time, “Do you have anything to declare?”

Photo Story: Warm and Alive

By Andrea Daniels
A careful undertaker from Sheepshead Bay. We met via personal ad, his exactly three lines long. A tidy accounting of loneliness.

Photo Story: 1974

By Riley Ann
We didn’t talk that summer. My father drowned out the silence with the news: Nixon, war, the World Series...

Photo Story: If I Could Buy Thoughts

By Amy Marques
I would give a penny to the student who sits in the back and looks down whenever they sense a question coming ...

Photo Story: The Candy Store Thinks She’s an Ocean

By Linda Grierson-Irish
She’d glimpsed scenes from a documentary on a girl’s mobile screen. Now her syrupy exhalations smell brackish.

Photo Story: Now, We’ll Hold Her Forever

By Lauren Kardos
I cup you in my palm, brushing your curls with my thumbnail. The ringlets, once soda-can width, now spiral like tiny quinoa germs.

Photo Story: The Dare

By Joanna Theiss
Blister heat, sunstroke heat. Melted tar, fried egg heat. T-shirt stuck to the small of my back heat, bunched wet and sour under my armpits heat.

Photo Story: Taco Truck

By Linda Grierson-Irish
Dad’s latest between-jobs hobby was circling ads with orange highlighter. Imagine, love! An RV! Airstream? Converted bus?

Photo Story: On Autoimmune Disease

By Lauren Voeltz
I read a quote that an overweight woman’s shirt said Guess, and Arnold Schwartzenegger answered, thyroid problem and I think of this when I pop Levothyroxine each morning...

Photo Story: The Red Shoes

By Karen Crawford
None of the passengers notice his glare. The lock in his gait, the crush of shoulders, hemming you in.

Photo Story: The Other Side

By India Kea
She arrived with clenched fists, wide eyes, and strong lungs. During the cleaning, the elders caught her stretching her neck, peering into the darkness of a near past.

Photo Story: Arcana

By Robert Keal
Each card foretells a fresh doom. She lays them side by side, three perfect slabs, her bridge towards the truth.

Photo Story: Dan Needs Sober Friends

By Patrick Grewe
She screams toward him: “There are faces…” points adamantly “…in the lights!”