Closing Time

Photograph of mops at night.Fiona banks her ride in front of Mel’s Hot & Cold Heroes. Her Oldsmobile Cutlass is like a battered lemon shark. She leaves the motor running, reaches back to smooth the watch plaid blanket across the slippery backseat. The stand’s iron grating is drawn against the Cincinnati night. Her man is inside. Mel. Waltzing the mop around. Reeking of grease and onion. His upper arm is inked, Blue Valentine. He doesn’t like her to see him dirty. Normally showers and changes before their dates. Buffs his nails. Tonight, she’ll get him before the ablutions. Fiona grips the grating. Shakes it.


Patricia Q. Bidar hails from San Pedro, CA. She lives with her DJ husband in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Photo Credit: sizima

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  1. detour says:

    loved reading – Oldsmobile Cutlass is like a battered lemon shark – not an image I’d ever imagine seeing but way cool to encounter it – an unexpected picture painted – thanks

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