My friend’s wife had a husky voice and a cute sideways look. She used to read literature out loud to convicts in the local jail. She was reading to her favorite prisoner when he whispered that he had cut the pockets out of his trousers. Reach in when you want, he said, just keep on pretending to read. When he got paroled he asked if he could park his trailer in their driveway until he got things straightened out. They started having coffee in the trailer every morning. It’s temporary, she told her husband, who didn’t know about the pockets.

For more, read Paul Strohm’s interview with 100 Word Story and his other stories:

Paul Strohm grew up in Western Springs, Illinois.  He has taught medieval literature at Oxford and Columbia.  He now divides his time between Oxford and Brooklyn, and writes freelance.

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  1. Phyllis Schroader says:

    A+ funny. [I was one of your Chaucer students at IU. I fell off her bed reading one of the Tales and then could not share the laughs with my friends.]

  2. shaz says:


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