DaVinci’s Drummer

Da Vinci's Drummer IIWe endeavored to find the code, the holy handshake, the secret cursives of the air, that number God scrawled on the inside of our eyelids that we must close our eyes to see. But it’s dark in there. So what if you find the first initial of God’s middle name? What if you plugged your amp into Satan’s right nipple? That’s some good guitar work, but you’re still fucked. Look at Eddie Van Halen. We thought he knew. Only DaVinci knew, I rented the movie. But they were just sketches for a helicopter, and his band never found a drummer.

Ryan Griffith is a writer currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. His work has appeared in elimae, Night Train, Dogzplot, FictionDaily, FlashFiction.Net, and the Wigleaf Top 50 of 2012.


Photo credit: Thierry Ehrmann


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