Der Sachsenspiegel

Image of a field on fire.In Images of Rape, Diane Wolfthal describes a 13th-century practice for litigating rape. If a woman is raped in her home, who goes on trial? The person who raped her? No.

The house.

The house, the animals, the land.

If the house let the attacker break down the door, the house did not protect its lady. If
the livestock did not cry out, they did not protect their lady.

For punishment, they burn.

The house. The livestock. The land.

You think this silencing isn’t in your DNA, your blood, your epigenetic curlings?

You think it’s gonna be an easy fix?

Danielle Lenhard’s writing appears in Rutgers Art Review and Art Criticism. She is working on a true-crime memoir. Find her @daniellelenhard. [/author_info]
Photographer: yaruman5

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