5350361507_bc606a1bca_zIn summertime we look for things buried in the clay. Our parents call us, but we lose their voices by digging deeper. We find arrowheads and campfire rings. Deeper, and we find Pleistocene glaciers, and past that, terrible feathered monsters. Deeper, and the town is an ocean floor. We drown as we dig until the earth is molten. We dig and burn until it crumbles to dust. We dig as the universe sucks its breath in to a single everything, and as that also fades, we dig still, like a stone into God’s own heel, to find what came before.

Amy Lafferty is a graduate student and fiction writer based (for the moment) in southwest Missouri. When not writing or reading, she also enjoys coffee, fast cars, and getting lost in the woods.

Photo Credit: Gnuckx

8 Responses to “Diggers”

  1. joh n says:

    I love diggers!

  2. Mind-provoking and colorfully philosophical!! 😉

  3. Paul says:


  4. Donald says:

    Very nice!

  5. Stephanie A says:


  6. Aunt Talitha says:


  7. Bradley says:

    Enjoyed it Amy. I liked the imagery.

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