Ditch Dog

Image of a stray dog.That dog is metaphor heading west. That dog in the sandy ditch forty miles from Albuquerque is a smoldering secret you’ve kept too long or maybe four legs of scruffy calico-lipped doubt dragging its tail through your brain, or thirst on four legs, desire on three, truth on two, a shaggy sundial, a pioneer of desire, a ghost of hope. That dog licks, is licked. That dog is a dead husband chasing his carefree wife who’s moving to Arizona, or a trotting beast of broken days, or what’s left after love. That dog knows the meaning of amen. Amen.


Gordon W. Mennenga grew up in a small Iowa town where he learned to pay attention and take notes. His work has been featured on NPR and published in EPOCH, Necessary Fiction, Citron Review, and other journals. Contact Gordon at: gordonwmennenga.com.

Photo Credit: Bala Sivakumar (image cropped from the original)

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