Enjoying It All

As the black blood worm burrows through the thick skin of my foot I lounge naked along the Zambezi sipping cool California pinot gris smoking my smuggled Cuban my atomic breath containing the exhaled souls of Roman emperors while anxious seeds float across the Pacific like stowaway rats and a fern roots in lava on Hawaii everything coming from somewhere else and Japan drifts broken from the shaken fold taking its snow-covered macaques elsewhere and the vines that twist about my ankles will grow to smother me whole, my sun-dried arms falling like invasive species upon a freshly tilled field.

Brad Garber has published poetry/essays in many journals, including Cream City Review, Alchemy,  Dark Matter Journal, Sundog Lit, Post Poetry Magazine, and/or Poetry Journal and Great Weather For Media. Nominee: 2013 Pushcart Prize for poem, “Where We May Be Found.”

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