Cirrus clouds stretched across the sky’s frontier foretell the hurricane. And the grizzled man waking by the seawall there, wind-swept by sands as the deep swell nears, receives above the waves when the catastrophe lands a sky-wide judgment in stained rain bands, the reawakened weather spiralling to where Wrath’s centrifugal force surrounds a cylinder of wind and ascending air, where the whipped moisture whisked by the winds whistles to the top of the troposphere – with lifting seas, and blinding sounds – where the Witness is both hearer and seer, awhirl round the Eye, round the Ear, right Here.

Jim Fisher is a nursing student at CSU East Bay. Poems of his appear in DIAGRAM.

Photo credit: Kate Farnady

One Response to “Ezekiel”

  1. Ben Griffin says:

    I like this a lot, and have also enjoyed trying to break it down into lines (by rhyme-words).

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