First Winter After the Divorce

Breathless, she steadies herself against the front door, turns to survey all she’s done. A clear path shoveled through the snow. She realizes she’s smiling, unforced.

Her son hoists the head onto a snowman, the ground around him rubbed with snow angels. “Good job, Mom!” he calls. She does a little bow.

There’s nothing of the past in this moment. No fearful future. Just the truth of clean, right-angles of concrete; the V of winter geese barking overhead; sky, cloudless and shockingly blue; melting snow dripping off the roofline. Her heart, bucking hard inside her chest, reminding her she’s alive.

JSP Jacobs is a graduate of the Boise State University Creative Writing Program, Tin House Workshop, and former host of The Writers’ Block on Radio Boise. Her fiction, flash fiction, poetry, and narrative non-fiction have appeared in numerous publications including Nano Fiction, Hawaii Pacific Review, Parent Map, and SmokeLong Quarterly, where she was a 2017 Kathy Fish Fellowship finalist. She lives and writes between Huntington Beach, California, and Boise, Idaho, with her artist husband, six kids, co-dependent dog, and probably way too many pairs of leather pants.

Photo Credit: Luke Jones

9 Responses to “First Winter After the Divorce”

  1. Calvin Zeps says:

    awesome story bruv truly beautiful

  2. Kathy Q says:

    I could feel every minute of it,the warmth of the cold,it that makes any sense.Great!

  3. Ruth Hansen says:

    Beautiful descriptions – I love it!

  4. Betty in Boise says:

    “Just the truth of clean, right-angles of concrete;“ . . . brilliant. Powerful moment in time. Well done.

  5. Karla Spencer says:

    So beautifully written that I could almost see the vapor from my breath and feel the aching of a mending heart. Jennifer has a natural gift.

  6. Shanta says:


  7. Tony Press says:

    Excellent story (with the perfect title, too – sometimes, titles do matter!).

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