Ghost Texts

Blurry photo taken while driving.Before work, sitting in her crimson battered minivan, she reads his words again.
That bread I like
Good wine
Your turn to get the kids working late
Love you

She feels him with her, sees the black lock of hair fall across his face. Scrolling up, a fight about visiting her parents for Christmas.

Not this year
We’ll go next

But now they can’t. He took away all the nexts, leaving her with nothing but ghost texts. The newspaper said “crash kills Berkeley couple, cause of death, distracted driving.”


Esther Gulli has appeared on KQED’s Perspectives, in the San Francisco production of Listen to Your Mother and in the Lit Camp – Basement Series.

Photo Credit: Wayne Mackeson

4 Responses to “Ghost Texts”

  1. Lisa Ahn says:

    Such a strong story, conveying a whole life and world.

  2. Patrick says:

    This is phenomenal.
    Beautiful rhythm. Powerful and creative ending.

    It made my day, thank you for sharing.

  3. Hilary says:

    Thanks for a great 100 word story. Perfect way to start my Friday.

  4. Regan Burke says:

    Outstanding — A blifetime of stories in 100 words. Hooray for no adverbs. Thank you Esther Gulli for a brilliant piece of writing.

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