Good Sense

“Daven” comes from “divine,” and what’s more divine than a lovely divan on rollers, a real holy roller.  If you get on the backside of a donkey, you’ll learn to bray.

Never paddle in a puddle or peddle your paddle in a river or split hairs over a fallen petal.

Let the seeds fly into the bad man’s eyes. Let flax or flux drift down over the black tuxes.

Weed out the liars at the wedding and don’t marry anyone with bad dishes.

Jeff Friedman‘s poems, flash stories, and translations have appeared in Poetry International, Poetry, Prairie Schooner, Agni Online, New England Review, The Antioch Review, American Poetry Review, Quick Fiction, and The New Republic. His fifth book of poems, Working in Flour, was published by Carnegie Mellon University Press in January 2011.

Photo Credit: Art Hanson

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