Grace at the Intersection of Cass and Nebraska

A vignetted image of red stoplights hanging.Today, I saw you accepting a dollar bill from a truck window. The shake of your hips as you thanked the driver reminded me of your electric slide at the middle school dance. Your hair whipping in the hot exhaust became your pixie cut exploding like gunpowder when you jumped into Shelter Lake.

As you ignored my voice, the hunch of your shoulders called back your first mug shot, which I’ve looked up so many times the hyperlink has bruised to purple.

The light changed, and the van behind me honked.

Grace, buy something sweet and cool.

See you tomorrow.

Joanna Theiss is a freelance author living in Washington, DC. She writes articles, essays, and short stories. Find links and read more at

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

2 Responses to “Grace at the Intersection of Cass and Nebraska”

  1. Detour says:

    I loved this – powerful – bruised to purple – really good writing

  2. Tony Press says:

    Oh, this is a good one. Sweet and painful, and a perfect last line.

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