Photo Story: Hydroponic Veggie

A photo of a tiny green plant, growing in a hole in the concrete.It is mostly summer now. Above me there are skyscrapers, McMansions, slums; scorched swaths of land, parking lots and airport runways where wheat and corn should be. Mouths to feed. I’m underground, surrounded by earth but growing without soil.

There was no urgency to keep me on the surface. I appear in markets as I have for centuries. You can pay digital funds and place me in your reusable bag. Even in a world of virtual reality, nutrition pellets, and lab-grown meat, people still crave the crunch of a salad, just like I can’t shake this nostalgia for the sun.

Tamara Stanley lives in beachy southern Delaware with her husband. She is a reader, writer, candy connoisseur, sunshine-lover, and mermaid.

3 Responses to “Photo Story: Hydroponic Veggie”

  1. Lisa Ahn says:

    Packs a punch! Especially that last line.

  2. Amani Hope says:

    Wow beautiful, I love this little veggie.

  3. Elaine McKay says:

    Excellent. What a last line.

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