Image of light reflected on elevator doors.Our existence defies the odds, our parents’ second set of identical twins—a one in 70,000 chance. Even more improbable that they married at all: his balding head, shabby overalls, shoes mended by duct tape. She applies her make-up and curls her hair daily; she stoops to fluff up the carpet where he has laid and flattened it. An unlikely match. An improbability. Even more improbable that they met at all: a poor farmer makes his way to the twenty-third floor of a stock brokerage firm, hoping for a job; a young woman enters the elevator, presses the twenty-third button.


Natalie Coufal is a nonfiction and fiction writer from rural Central Texas. She is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing, Editing, and Publishing at Sam Houston State University.

Photo Credit: Daniel Parks

4 Responses to “Improbabilities”

  1. Joe Elijah says:

    If you inherited the world and lost your sole what was it all worth
    People are so busy with everything that they for get about the one who mater’s the most John 3-16. In the Bible and you will know how much God loves you. Thanks for reading this.

  2. Tony Press says:

    Nice! Fun, too.

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