In Blackest Night

batman comicMidnight. Comics & Comix. Pop color superheroes in the dark. You ditched the party, brought her into this sacred space with your sacred employee key. She kept saying awesome. Now, huddled close on the floor, whispering like it’s a library or a funeral home. Over her shoulder, the G’s: Green Arrow, Green Lantern. Her with green eyes would be some kind of poetry; instead they’re big and butterscotch and blinking up at you. If love is having nowhere you’d rather be, no one you’d rather be with, then this is it. Confess your heart? Kiss her? What would Batman do?


Kevin Sharp is a high-school creative writing teacher and author of the YA novel After Dakota. His students write 100-word stories in his class.

Photo credit (the photo has been modified from the original): Solylunafamilia

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