Invite Him In, Ask For Help

DSC_0253The zipper began at the nape of her neck. With thumb and forefinger, he pulled, slow, drawing out the sound of the unraveling of caught teeth. The dress split, revealing the loose hills of her shoulders, aged freckles, and then, the pale tips of scars, and as he peeled her open, he discovered the crosshatches on her back, her map of pain, the healed tissue so thick it throbbed, and when it clicked, finished, he knew why she laughed when he told her he was just a desk clerk, why she said she didn’t need a damn thing but kindness.


Simon Jimenez is currently enrolled in the ‘17 MFA program at Emerson College.

Photo Credit: K. Kendall

4 Responses to “Invite Him In, Ask For Help”

  1. Dallas says:

    Beautiful imagery.

  2. Michael Snyder says:


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