Jimmy Leaves a Message and Considers Nautical Miles

Hi, Delta. You’re not taking my calls. Maybe you don’t have a signal. Either way. Just wanted to tell you keep clear of me. I’m maneuvering with difficulty: directionally challenged, bobbing along, black skies looming above horizontal swaths of yellow and blue. I’ve been flying this flag for years. What a waste. Home is on the horizon, but I’ve taken on far too much to make it. Besides, from here the coastline looks jagged as hell. I still dream inland—no swells, boxcars Hydra-cushioned for fragile freight, the Ferris wheel carrying us into the night sky and safely back again.

Jason Marak’s work has appeared previously at 100 word story, matchbook, Raritan, and many other print and online journals. He lives in Humboldt County, California.


Photo Credit: Alexander Rabb

One Response to “Jimmy Leaves a Message and Considers Nautical Miles”

  1. Letina Kelly says:

    Very descriptive. I felt as if I were there. That is what a story should do.

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