Evolution of My Footwear

When I was an elementary-school kid, I favored combat boots in the winter and spring and sneakers in the summer and fall. Then when I was in junior high, it was necessary to wear black loafers with pointed toes. In high school, it was white bucks during the week and wing tips to church. In college, it was Bass Weejuns and Clarks desert boots. And now in my middle age, it’s New Balance running shoes at the gym and otherwise black comfort zone, genuine handsewn, contour cushioned, arch-supported Ecco loafers. And I wonder, doesn’t this illustrate some form of natural selection?

Kermit Moyer taught at American University in Washington, D.C.,  for 37 years before retiring and moving to Cape Cod in 2007.  He is the author of Tumbling, a collection of short stories, and The Chester Chronicles, which won the 2011 L. L. Winship/PEN New England award in fiction.


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