The lime green coat with piping. She loves the way the coat shines, the contrast of greens, the acid of the lime against the pine-colored braids. Grit under her feet mixed with mud. The wind screaming, leaves scattering against her skin. A puddle. Clouds reflected, dizzy, the silvery light and her face, blurred. Not hard-edged and glass cold, a mirror to talk back like the boys on the street. Who’s got an ugly mug? Boyfriend didn’t like you, eh? She touches the scarred skin. Tree roots and lightning, brilliant. Reflected in the water there is only her own illuminated beauty.

Bronwen Griffiths writes novels, flash fiction, and haikus. She lives in East Sussex, UK. She has published two books. She loves deserts, gardens and coffee.

Photo Credit: Bill Roberts

2 Responses to “Lightning”

  1. Marple says:

    A beautiful story. It really moved me.

  2. Leonor says:

    Personally, I thought that, that 100 worded story is incredibly well written! It has included all the things you need to have in a story!!! I look forward to reading more of you’re books!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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