Moving Sale

I was being mean all morning so she would stop nagging we should get married. She is being nice back. She spots two trophy heads with antlers, “Cute! Mr. and Mrs. Deer!” I laugh, “Are you stupid or what? Only bucks have horns.” I smirk. An oversized cowboy leans out of the garage. “This dude harassing you?” His voice is honey. Suddenly I see her with his eyes, her hair piled high, pretty face, tears. I say, “Whoa!” She looks back at him the same way. She steps away from me. “Yes, he is.” All I can say is “Whoa!”


Janice D. Soderling has flash/short stories at venues such as Mason’s Road, Able Muse, Dead Mule School, Thrice Fiction, Boston Literary Magazine, Blink|Ink, and Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine.

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