niceShe’s a nice woman with frail bones. She still cuts her own grass, and the other day I saw her trying to do a cartwheel on the freshly cut lawn. It didn’t quite work, but she tried a couple of times. Eventually she lay down and looked up at the sky. She lay there for quite a long time. I was almost beginning to worry about her. She is my next-door neighbor after all. I opened the upstairs window to call over to her, but then I realized that she was actually singing, singing in the faintest of voices, grasshopper-like.


Susanne Stich is a writer, filmmaker, and educator from Germany, living in Ireland. Her writing has appeared in many literary magazines, e.g. The Stinging Fly, Cuírt Journal, The Impressment Gang.

Photo credit: Ashley Rose


3 Responses to “Nice”

  1. Sad, touching and uplifting story.

  2. Tony Acarasiddhi Press says:

    This is a lovely thing to read on a summer morning.

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