OverHe slammed out the door.

What just happened?

She loved him. He loved her.

What just happened?

She couldn’t remember her last remark. They’d been drinking. They were about to make love.

She snapped at him? She was exhausted from the day, the week, the year.

His jaw was rigid.

He snapped at her?

Her jaw was rigid.

He slapped her. He pushed past.

He hated her. She hated him.

What just happened?

They loved each other.

How could it twist so fast?

Her mother dead when she was born, her father grieving ever after.

She’d never imagined love undone.

Jane Ciabattari is the author of Stealing the Fire, selected for Dzanc Press’s rEprint series, May 2013. For more, see www.janeciabattari.com.

4 Responses to “Over”

  1. Josh Clary says:

    This is very great, I loved it to say the least. Such power in only a hundred words. Keep on doing this, you’re very talented.

  2. Great work, a couple of pretty good tips! I appreciate you crafting this article and the remainder of your website is terrific!

  3. Julia Kagan says:

    Ohhhh. Powerful. My breath is coming back, slowly.

  4. Sheila Kohler says:

    Very clever Jane! How are you?

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