So of course now, every morning, Murphy and I have our little routine down. I feed him his food; I make my eggs.  I give him his water; I make my coffee. He chews his toy; I read my newspaper. After we are through with all that, we walk to the living room window and sit. We both look outside and wait for as long as it might take: Murphy, his mouth slobbery, front paws pushing against the window, and me, in the loveseat, coffee still in hand. The only difference between us is I know she’s not coming back.

Erik Evenson lives in Seattle. He recently graduated from the Bennington Writing Seminars. He has published work in PANK and elsewhere. This is his first story that is exactly 100 words long.

Photo credit: Prescott Pym

6 Responses to “Pavlov”

  1. Excellent work. I teach reading strategies to struggling and reluctant middle school readers. You 100 word story could be used to teach so many strategies used by good readers. Prediction, using context clues, and on. So few words, so much power.

  2. Quirina says:

    The symmetry of reflection, of things different in parallel, and the implication of certainty that can only be death. Very well written.

  3. Nancy Siegel says:

    Poignant with an ending that tugs on your heart. Fantastic job, Erik.

  4. Marcia Holstad says:

    Wonderful, very touching. Bravo Erik!

  5. Johnny Biscoti says:

    Masterful. I want to read more of Mr. Evenson’s work!

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