Photo Prompt: Nude Woman

This photo of a nude woman looking out a window inspired 135 response from readers, all vastly different yet equally delightful. We decided on this take on the photo; its absurdity captured our fancy.

Where is he? And what’s taking so long? He said he was taking my clothes out to “Shake some sun into them,” and I thought that was sweet, but how long does it take to shake the smell of our love out of a dress, and it’s getting cold in here. Wait, is that him, running up and down the street, laughing? It is, and what—oh, God—is he wearing my dress? Jesus Christ, I sure can pick them.


John Riggs has authored several books under the name Jon Saint Germain. He’s currently finishing a degree in Literary Illustration at Indiana University in Bloomington, and is putting the finishing touches on a novel trilogy that takes place in the semi-fictional small town of Adoration, Tennessee.

Photo credit: Brittany Markert

2 Responses to “Photo Prompt: Nude Woman”

  1. Kiki Stamatiou says:

    I love your writing style. It’s reminiscent to that of Woody Allen. The mood of the story, and the feel of it reminds of a Woody Allen novie I saw a year or two ago on television starring Barbara Streisand and George Siegel. Like this film mentioned here, your story is phenomenal.

  2. Sandra Crook says:

    This is quite the funniest flash I’ve read in a long time. I was in stitches. Thank you!

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